Into a new decade of storytelling

An ex-boss once told me that I was a ‘sucker for a story’ and, I’m proud to say, it’s true, I really am, and that’s a good thing.

I love stories, it’s how we make sense of the world, understand one another, and pass information on between generations. There are many stories to tell, we all have more than one, however, as with many other things in life, there’s a value judgment placed on whose voices and stories matter and how and where they can be heard and shared.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to spend the 8+ years I have at Comic Relief, an organisation with resources and access to media platforms that other organisations can only dream of. Through my work as a funder, I’ve been privileged to spend time with hundreds of organisations and amazing people in communities in the UK and around the world and to hear and play a small part in supporting their stories of change.

That is why I am beyond excited to be joining On Our Radar as Managing Director, an organisation whose vision and values resonate within me. By working in partnership with marginalised communities, taking a rights-based approach and the time to rebuild trust and belief in change, On Our Radar has achieved so much in their first decade. I’m looking forward to combining forces with On Our Radar’s incredible team of tech innovators and storytellers and supporting social change in a different way, building power, investing in people’s lived experience and diversifying whose voices we hear in the media and within organisations.

So if you’re from a community that wants support to speak out or an organisation that wants to listen more deeply, please do get in touch – collaboration is our passion. You can find out more in our manifesto, and sign up here for regular updates and more information about our resources and training.