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What does it mean to be hungry in Sierra Leone in 2021? What are the main drivers of hunger? How are people surviving and getting through the hungry season? 

We know that July and August are particularly difficult months for Sierra Leoneans in terms of hunger – with over one million people entering a ‘crisis’ situation with regard to their food security. 

For the rural communities living in the provinces, food stocks are running low before the harvest begins in September. For those living in the cities and urban areas, the heavy rains mean that the informal economy of odd jobs, manual labour and selling slows down considerably, with many unable to make any money to pay for food.

Although Covid restrictions on movement have now been lifted, the shock of the pandemic has placed Sierra Leone in a position where it faces an even more devastating ‘lean period’ than previous years.

We have been commissioned by the New Internationalist UK (funded by the European Journalism Centre), to produce a film (or set of films) looking at the subject of food insecurity in Sierra Leone, moving beyond the figures and donor reports to understand what food insecurity actually looks like to those who are experiencing it.