From the margins
to the front page

Amplifying stories for social change

We are a specialist group of journalists, technologists, digital storytellers and development practitioners. We work through partnerships to establish community reporter networks and surface stories from unheard groups worldwide.

We believe

Those on the frontlines of humanity’s toughest challenges hold incredible insight. We amplify unheard voices so that they can shape the future.

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Our approach

We build reporter networks, design innovative communications solutions, develop technology for connectivity and co-produce award-winning media.

Over a decade of collaborating with communities - from garment workers in Bangladesh to people living with dementia in the UK - a clear framework has emerged to enable marginalised groups to be able to share their stories.

Our toolkit

The bedrock of all of our work is our approach to community voice as a valuable pillar of social change. This toolkit has been co-designed over a decade by communities on the margins of societies worldwide. It shines a light on the common barriers that prevent people from sharing their experiences and knowledge and suggests ways to mitigate them.

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Work with us

Our best work is done in partnership. We can adapt our tools and create bespoke solutions to fit your unique community contexts.

Our Productions

Award-winning participatory media production

Audiences of today demand authenticity. With trust in the media at an all-time low, the best way to capture raw, authentic coverage of unfolding global events is to ensure those most affected by the story are driving the reporting. We work with media channels and communications departments to establish community reporting networks and co-produce powerful media for global audiences.

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Our Solutions

Creative strategies for community collaboration

Vulnerable communities hold deep insight which is invaluable to society. It should sit at the forefront of public information and at the heart of decision-making within service provision, humanitarian action and international development. We work with influential partners to diagnose and troubleshoot communication barriers and design creative strategies to listen to the most marginalised, ensuring that no-one is left behind.

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Our partnerships

Our special thanks to all the community reporters who have put their trust in us over the years.