About us

We have a common mission to surface powerful stories and crucial insight from marginalised communities worldwide. We do so because we believe that hidden knowledge makes global societies fairer and stronger. Those in vulnerable situations have valuable lived experience that can complement professional knowledge and enrich understanding of our most complex social challenges.

We work in multidisciplinary teams alongside communities to design and deploy ways for them to document and journal their experiences so they are seen and acknowledged by influential audiences.

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Our team and network

Libby Drew

Founder / Board Member

Clare Kiely

Managing Director

Paul Myles

Head of Editorial

Matt Haikin

Digital Development Director

Tobias Quinn

Head of Technology and Lead Developer

Jillian Vaizey

Finance and Operations Manager

Chris Walter

Head of Communities

Eastina Taylor

Community Engagement Officer

Chloe Cheesman

Project Manager

Kate Gouzes

Project Manager

Megan Smith-Josephs

Project Lead

Chris Lau

Front-end Developer

Charlotte McFarlane

Team Assistant

Agathe Michel-Decazotte

Board Member

Laura Jump

Board Member

Matt Jackson


Joshua Ogure


Morris Marah


Josie Verghese


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Our partnerships

Our special thanks to all the community reporters who have put their trust in us over the years.