We are a non-profit consultancy connecting unheard communities to those who influence their lives

Voice is the key indicator of power and public, humanitarian and development actors have a mandate to listen to the communities they serve. That mandate is enshrined in their principles, but more importantly, meaningful engagement with these communities is critical if services and programmes are to be well-designed and properly delivered. But there can be a whole spectrum of challenges that prevent communities from being heard. The more vulnerable and isolated an individual is, the less likely they are to have the tools and opportunities to share their knowledge or concerns.

Work with us

As an interdisciplinary team, we specialise in bridging the communications gaps between those with experience of vulnerable situations and those with the influence to affect change. We have a proven, adaptable approach to collaborative communication that draws together human and technology resources to enable services to genuinely listen and respond to under-represented communities. We add particular value to research and design, monitoring and safeguarding, accountability and citizen reporting initiatives, and internal learning and listening.

We offer support at any stage of community engagement:

  • Facilitating co-design of programmes or services
  • Establishing community networks for reporting, monitoring and research
  • Developing communications technology for offline and data-scarce groups
  • Curating and analysing community insight

We also work on a select number of strategic projects, which are chosen for their importance to the affected community and the potential for impact and/or learning.

By partnering with us, you will benefit from over a decade of learning and resource development. If you have a specific challenge or are unsure of how to begin, contact us to start a conversation.